The Importance of Cold Air Return in the Bedroom


Many people believe that cold air return grilles must be placed in every room of the house. While this is not strictly necessary, it is important to have more than one grille installed in strategic locations around the home. The bedroom is the most crucial area to have these grilles installed. Let’s take a look at why this is the case and how to ensure they are installed correctly. 


The purpose of cold air return grilles is to draw cool air from the room and circulate it back into the heating and cooling system. This is an important function, as it helps to even out the temperature in the home and prevents hot and cold spots from forming. 


When positioning cold air return grilles in the bedroom, it is important to avoid placing them directly beneath or near windows or doors. These grilles should instead be placed on an interior wall towards the ceiling. Another thing to keep in mind is that the size of the grille must correspond to the size of the room. The grille will not be able to draw in enough air if it is too small. 


In conclusion, while cold air return grilles do not need to be placed in every room of the home, it is important to have more than one positioned strategically around the house. The bedroom is the most crucial room for these grilles, as proper circulation of cool air helps to prevent hot and cold spots from forming. When positioning these grilles in the bedroom, make sure to avoid placing them near windows or doors and choose a size that corresponds to the size of the room.

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