Avoid a Dusty Home With This One Simple Solution

Do you ever notice how your home gets extra dusty when your AC is turned off? And no matter how much you clean, the dust seems to come back quickly. Well, there’s a reason for that. Here’s what’s going on and how you can avoid it. 

Here’s the deal: even when your home is not in need of cooling, your AC’s fan is continually moving air throughout it. As a result, when you dust your home, the airborne dust particles are sucked up by the system’s return vent and eliminated by the air filters. 

When your AC system is turned off, no air is circulated, so any dust that falls on surfaces in your home will remain there until you switch the system back on. The solution is simple: to avoid your cold air returns from becoming extremely dusty, just dust your home more often and keep the system on “On.” 

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope it was helpful. If you have any other questions about your AC system, feel free to reach out. 

Keeping your AC on “On” mode will help circulate air and prevent dust buildup in your home—simple as that! So next time you’re wondering why your cold air returns are so dirty, just remember to give them a little extra attention when it comes to dusting. 

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