Poor Airflow in Your Clothes Dryer? Check the Air Vent and Duct!


Blog Introduction: Are your clothes taking forever to dry, even on the high heat setting? Poor airflow in your clothes dryer might be to blame. Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix – simply clean your dryer’s air vent and duct! Keep reading to learn how. 


How to Tell if Your Dryer’s Air Vent is Clogged 


One way to tell if your dryer’s air vent is clogged is to feel the flow of air coming out of the vent. If it’s sluggish and not very warm, then chances are good that the vent is clogged and needs to be cleaned. 


How to Clean Your Dryer’s Air Vent and Duct 


You can clean your dryer’s air vent and duct yourself if you have a vacuum with a brush attachment. First, unplug your dryer from the power source. Then, carefully vacuum around the vent aperture with the brush attachment, giving specific attention to the region where the duct attaches to the dryer. Finally, vacuum the interior of the duct. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your dryer’s air vent and duct, you may contact a professional to do it for you. 


By following these simple steps, you can clear any blockages in your dryer’s air vent and duct, and improve airflow – meaning clothes will dry faster! Don’t suffer through lukewarm laundry anymore – give these tips a try today.


We offer air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in the Greater Sudbury area. Call or text  today for a free estimate at 705-996-4553


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